What’s Old is New to Discover!

Thanks to the time and talent of an outstanding interdisciplinary team of librarians and technical specialists, NLM expanded its digitized offerings of historically significant journals and their articles. Come explore what’s old—and new discoveries—at the world’s largest biomedical library!

Looking Backward, Looking Forward—Together

photos of Dr. Patricia Flatley Brennan's time as Director of the National Library of Medicine

One thing I’ve learned as a federal employee is that nothing at work ever happens all alone. As I look to retirement from NIH and federal service at the end of this month, I invite you to look backward at what we have accomplished together and look forward to the next journey for NLM!

Keeping Cool in the Library!

woman in library using an oscillating fan to keep cool

This summer the United States is experiencing an unprecedented heat wave, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees for days on end across the country. When health challenges emerge, people often turn to libraries as sources of information and support. NLM is proud of its resources that link people to the trusted health information they need.

How Interoperability Advances Data Sharing and Open Science

Person holding a cell phone and typing "interoperability" on laptop

NLM has advanced biomedicine and public health by acquiring, organizing, preserving, and disseminating knowledge that is essential to research, medicine, and health. We must ensure information being shared and used for research is useful to those who use it, and the answer lies in interoperability.

Call to Authors: NLM’s G13 Program Supports Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health

Did you know? The NLM Extramural Programs division helps authors publish book-length manuscripts and other scholarly works of value on academic and public health policy topics important to health professionals. Learn more about the program and how to apply!

ClinicalTrials.gov is Modernizing to Serve You Better

Featured image with a purple background. Superimposed on the background is a cell phone with "step" bars and the ClinicalTrials.gov logo.

Guest post by Anna M. Fine, PharmD, MS, Acting Director of ClinicalTrials.gov at the National Library of Medicine (NLM), National Institutes of Health. ClinicalTrials.gov is the world’s largest database of privately and publicly funded clinical trials. It provides easy access to clinical trial information for millions of users every month—from patients and their advocates to … Continue reading ClinicalTrials.gov is Modernizing to Serve You Better

Data Science Tools Will Speed Rare Disease Solutions

image of NLM building with red, green, and blue uplighting and the Rare Disease Day logo

More than 10,000 rare diseases affect up to 400 million people worldwide, and those with rare diseases struggle for about six years on average before they receive an accurate diagnosis. But data-driven innovations are unlocking answers about rare diseases—as well as more common diseases—faster than ever before.

Our Libraries: Keeping Hope Alive for Heart Health

library shelves leading towards bright light of hope

Right now, I am reading The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles. One quote that struck me the most is, “Libraries are lungs. Books the fresh air breathed in to keep the heart beating, to keep the brain imagining, to keep hope alive.”

NIH Preprint Pilot Expands to Include Preprints Across NIH-Funded Research

In the background is a stylized illustration of a laptop combined with an open book. Various icons describing science float above the laptop's keyboard. In the foreground of the image is the logo of NIH and a graphic for NLM's Preprint Project that says "made publicly accessible prior to peer review."

Guest post by Kathryn Funk, program manager for NLM’s PubMed Central. In 2020, I shared information about NLM’s launch of the NIH Preprint Pilot: A New Experiment for a New Era to explore how inclusion of preprints in our literature resources, PubMed Central (PMC) and PubMed, could accelerate the discoverability and maximize the impact of … Continue reading NIH Preprint Pilot Expands to Include Preprints Across NIH-Funded Research

Meet the NLM Investigators: Dr. Zhiyong Lu is Teaching Computers to Think Like Scientists

Let’s meet Zhiyong Lu, PhD, a Senior Investigator for our National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Computational Biology Branch and member of the NLM Intramural Research Program. He is leading a team of research scientists to harness the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) to advance the ways our products and services work—advancements … Continue reading Meet the NLM Investigators: Dr. Zhiyong Lu is Teaching Computers to Think Like Scientists