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Honoring The Contributions of Nurses to the Health of the United States

Guest AuthorMay 10, 20236 min read
National Nurses Week is an opportune moment for us in the nursing profession to reflect on our nation’s overall health and wellbeing and our role in redesigning and improving traditional models of health services. Check out a new framework from the Duke University School of Nursing that can inform how nurse-led models of care can effectively mitigate health inequities.



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Meet the Director

Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD, is the director of the NIH National Library of Medicine, a leader in biomedical informatics and computational health data science research and the world’s largest biomedical library. Since joining in 2016, she has positioned NLM as a global scientific research library with visible and accessible pathways to research and information that is universally actionable, meaningful, understandable, and useful. This ensures that scientists, policymakers, clinicians, patients, and the public can access biomedical information when and where they need it.

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About the Mezzanine

Perched over the southeast corner of the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland, the National Library of Medicine building is an impressive limestone structure topped with a large gull wing dome (a four-quadrant hyperbolic paraboloid shell made of reinforced concrete, to be precise).

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