How Does Research Inform Scientific Discovery?

Curious what our DataWiz-IN Scholars Program is like from someone who's been there/done that? Charitie Martino, a summer intern in the 2023 NLM DataWiz Scholars Program, shares what she learned about balancing two opposing approaches to research... and what that means for her interest in neuroscience and her future career as a researcher.

How the NLM Extramural Programs Division Advances Key Scientific Initiatives in Bioinformatics and Data Science

cartoon woman observing abstract circle pattern over blue-green gradient background

The mission of EP is to provide grants for research projects, resources, and career development in the fields of biomedical informatics and data science. To make this happen, a lot goes on behind the scenes. Here's a sneak peek behind the NOFO curtain...

Listening… and Watching… and Learning

Animated GIF of a Deaf person on a video chat signs "health" and "practice" to a room of five colleagues

Recently, Meryl and I visited in person with the trainees at Gallaudet University, where we were challenged to consider how language affects terminology and knowledge formalization, especially when engaging with the Deaf community.