How Does Research Inform Scientific Discovery?

Curious what our DataWiz-IN Scholars Program is like from someone who's been there/done that? Charitie Martino, a summer intern in the 2023 NLM DataWiz Scholars Program, shares what she learned about balancing two opposing approaches to research... and what that means for her interest in neuroscience and her future career as a researcher.

DSI Interns: Our Next Generation of Researchers and Scientists Will Change the World

researchers writing on a transparent whiteboard

Every year, NLM’s IRP hosts its Data Science and Informatics Scholars Program, which is open to undergraduate students from diverse and underrepresented groups who are pursuing biomedical informatics training and research opportunities in computer science and related fields. Meet six of this year’s interns and learn about the innovative research they are doing in the NLM IRP!

Styling Our Big Hairy Audacious Goals: A Blue Ribbon Panel Progress Report

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NLM has completed or made progress on all recommendations made by the Blue Ribbon Panel to call attention to the excellent research being done by NLM’s 17 investigators and to foster dialogue across the branches. Here are some examples of how NLM is implementing these recommendations...