Education, Health, and Basketball

Guest post by David L. Nash, NLM’s Education and Outreach Liaison. A few weeks ago, in observance of African American History Month, five former Harlem Globetrotters spoke at a program in Silver Spring, Maryland associated with a screening of the documentary “The Game Changers: How the Harlem Globetrotters Battled Racism.” Following the short documentary and … Continue reading “Education, Health, and Basketball”

Connecting Computing Research with National Priorities

Guest post by Mark D. Hill from the Computing Community Consortium and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The content originally appeared in The CCC Blog on January 23, 2018. It is reprinted with permission. For weeks [The CCC Blog has] been recapping the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) Symposium from the perspective of the researchers and industry … Continue reading “Connecting Computing Research with National Priorities” Moves Toward Increased Transparency

Guest post by Kevin M. Fain, JD, MPH, DrPH, Senior Advisor for Policy and Research, is the largest public clinical research registry and results database in the world—and  the most heavily used. As of today, it contains registration information for more than 260,000 studies in 202 different countries and results information on more … Continue reading “ Moves Toward Increased Transparency”

Exploring the Brave New World of Metagenomics

See last week’s guest post, “Adventures of a Computational Biologist in the Genome Space,” for Part 1 of Dr. Koonin’s musings on the importance of computational analysis in biomedical discovery. While the genomic revolution rolls on, a new one has been quietly fomenting over the last decade or so, only to take over the science … Continue reading “Exploring the Brave New World of Metagenomics”