Seeking Innovative Methods in Biomedical Informatics and Data Science

Guest post by Dr. Valerie Florance, Director of the NLM Division of Extramural Programs. It is an exciting time to be a biomedical informatician or data scientist. First, NLM has committed to transforming the infrastructure of biomedical research and health care. In support of that, NLM’s research grant programs help fund the computational, informatics, and … Continue reading “Seeking Innovative Methods in Biomedical Informatics and Data Science”

Engaging Users to Support the Modernization of

Guest post by Rebecca Williams, PharmD, MPH, acting director of at the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health. is the largest public clinical research registry and results database in the world – providing patients, health care providers, and researchers with information on more than 300,000 clinical studies of a wide range … Continue reading “Engaging Users to Support the Modernization of”

Looking Back on 50 Years

Guest post by George Franklin, an information technology specialist in NLM’s Office of Computer and Communications Systems I started my government career at the National Library of Medicine in July 1967. It was a time of paper, pens and pencils, typewriters—both manual and electric—and plenty of carbon paper. The card catalog that I used many … Continue reading “Looking Back on 50 Years”

Expanding Access, Improving Health

Guest post by Kathryn Funk, program manager for NLM’s PubMed Central. Last week, National Library Week celebrated how libraries and library workers make our communities stronger. In the spirit of building strong communities, NLM has committed to “democratiz[ing] access to the products and processes of scientific research.” NLM delivers on that commitment by supporting the … Continue reading “Expanding Access, Improving Health”

Building Data Science Expertise at NLM

Guest post by the Data Science @NLM Training Program team. Regular readers of this blog probably know that NLM staff are expanding their expertise beyond library science and computer science to embrace data science. As a result, NLM—in alignment with strategic plan Goal 3 to “build a workforce for data-driven research and health”—is taking steps … Continue reading “Building Data Science Expertise at NLM”