What does a glioblastoma look like?

Guest post by James G. Smirniotopoulos, MD, chief editor for MedPix®. Arizona Senator and former Vietnam POW John McCain was recently diagnosed with the most aggressive form of brain cancer: glioblastoma.  This is the same type of tumor that killed Vice President Joe Biden’s son Beau and Senator Ted Kennedy. Glioblastoma originates in the brain. … Continue reading “What does a glioblastoma look like?”

There Is an Internet in Space

Guest post by Vint Cerf, vice president and chief Internet evangelist at Google. In a recent blog, Dr. Brennan correctly identified a future issue: access to medical information from a Mars colony, should one be established. In her summary, she said there was no internet in space. Actually, there is. It uses a protocol suite … Continue reading “There Is an Internet in Space”

Sharing Small Data Files for More Analysis Power

Guest post by Ashley Hintz, curator for NLM NCBI’s Sequence Read Archive. Imagine the rows upon rows of books in the stacks of a research library. Then imagine how much information is stored in those books. An organism’s entire genome is the equivalent of that large library with its multiple floors of loaded shelves. It … Continue reading “Sharing Small Data Files for More Analysis Power”