Seeking Innovative Methods in Biomedical Informatics and Data Science

Guest post by Dr. Valerie Florance, Director of the NLM Division of Extramural Programs. It is an exciting time to be a biomedical informatician or data scientist. First, NLM has committed to transforming the infrastructure of biomedical research and health care. In support of that, NLM’s research grant programs help fund the computational, informatics, and … Continue reading “Seeking Innovative Methods in Biomedical Informatics and Data Science”

Technology and Data in Mental Health: Applications for Suicide Prevention

Guest post by Elizabeth Chen, PhD, Associate Director of the Center for Biomedical Informatics, Associate Professor of Medical Science, and Associate Professor of Health Services, Policy & Practice at Brown University. Biomedical informatics as a discipline is broadly concerned with the effective use of data, information, and knowledge to improve human health. Since its origins … Continue reading “Technology and Data in Mental Health: Applications for Suicide Prevention”

Data in the Scholarly Communications Solar System

Guest post by Kathryn Funk, program manager for NLM’s PubMed Central. The Library of the Future. What will it look like?  The NLM Strategic Plan envisions it partly as “one of connections between and among literature, data, models, and analytical tools.” In this future, journal articles are no longer lone objects drifting in space, but, … Continue reading “Data in the Scholarly Communications Solar System”