Listening… and Watching… and Learning featured image

Animated GIF of a Deaf person on a video chat signs "health" and "practice" to a room of five colleagues

Animated cover image (GIF) of Robert, a Deaf person and ASL instructor, giving a presentation of the signs for “health” and “practice” over video chat to a conference room of colleagues. The monitor is centered in the image. Robert is a white male with brown hair and short brown facial hair. He is wearing a white long-sleeved, collared shirt and dark tie under a black vest. Behind him is a red background. The colleagues are sitting at a white table and watching his video chat. On the left are three colleagues—a Black man with short black hair and mid-length facial hair, an Asian woman with long black hair that hangs over her shoulder, and a white woman with long brown hair—wearing business and health care clothing. On the right are two other colleagues—a white woman with long black hair and a white male with short brown hair—also wearing business and health care clothing. Behind them is a white wall and a window.

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